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Advantages of digital printing

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Advantages of digital printing:
1. The production process of digital printing greatly shortens the original process route, speeds up the order receiving and greatly reduces the cost of proofing.
As the production process of digital printing gets rid of the traditional printing in the production process of color separation, copy making, screen making process, so as to greatly shorten the production time. The pattern can be accepted by CD-ROM, e-mail and other advanced means. Generally, the proofing time is no more than one working day, while the traditional proofing cycle is generally about a week.
In addition, the cost of proofing is greatly reduced due to the simplification of process. The shortening of proofing cycle and the reduction of proofing cost undoubtedly bring more market opportunities to enterprises under the market competition law that time is money and efficiency is life.
2. The principle of digital printing technology makes its products break the limitation of traditional production of register color and return length, which can make textile fabrics achieve the printing effect of high-grade printing.
In particular, digital color printing technology can achieve a breakthrough in digital color printing, especially in digital color printing. In addition, the pattern of traditional printing is often limited by the length of "flower back", while the concept of "flower back" can not exist in the process of digital printing, which greatly expands the space of textile pattern design and improves the grade of products.
3. Digital printing production really realizes the production process of small batch and fast reaction, and the production batch is not subject to any restriction.
Due to the realization of computerized digital production in the production process of digital printing, the flexibility of production is greatly improved, and some products can even be delivered on the same day. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, printing a series of patterns of the same pattern with different colors, and the designer's continuous modification of the color of the pattern in the production process have become a major technical advantage different from the traditional printing production.
4. High precision jet printing process makes the process of spray printing without water and color paste.
The use of dyes in the spray printing process is "distributed on demand" by the computer, so that there is no waste of dyestuffs and chemicals and no waste water. In the process of spray printing controlled by the computer, no noise is generated, so that no pollution is generated in the process of spray printing. Thus, the production of textile printing is free from the production of high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise in the past The process realizes the production process of low energy consumption and pollution-free, which brings a technical revolution to the textile printing and dyeing production.

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